My videos, performances and installations deal with fantasy, voyeurism, privacy and memory.
In my work I strive to captivate the viewer with seemingly familiar images. In doing so I try to offer new links and change views abruptly, only to release the audience without any remaining certainty.
In regularly staged private performances – staged at home, without an audience – I construct various psychological scenarios and combine them with mundane gestures in order to arrive at an absurd, closed, unsettling space. I play with a gaze that, however discomfortingly, aligns what the beholder sees with what the pervert seeks out.

In the videos as well as in the performances I tend to take up dual roles: A) the one of the protagonist by subjugating my own body to the eyes of the camera and the public. B) the role of the director who implicates the spectator in the construction of narrative and character.

The works are all presented inside carefully constructed installations, conceived with the intention of denying the viewer the privilege of comfortable or passive observation, thus further heightening the audience’s awareness of their voyeuristic inclinations.

Maria Petschnig